then (Now on 2016-17 film festival circuit) Being a a teenager isn’t easy. Especially for Timmy, in small-town Virginia, who just so happens to be in a relationship with Ricky, the town’s high school baseball hero. Timmy loves Ricky, but he’s not sure how much longer he can last in this town. He wants to out, but not without Ricky. When a sudden turn of events forces Timmy and Ricky to decide between embracing love or fulfilling expectations, two young men make fateful decisions that will change the course of their lives.
ITHACA: easy Come easy Go Music video for the song "No Control" by Los Angeles rock band ITHACA.
THE MIGHTY TEARS OF JOY: ¥£$†®Dåy Coming Soon... Music video for the song "¥£$†®Dåy" by Los Angeles band led by Khalfani Saint-Blanc.
Jasmine Diaz: Only You Music video for the song "Only You" by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jasmine Diaz.
ITHACA: no Control Music video for the song "No Control" by Los Angeles rock band ITHACA.
Mighty Benjamin Little Benjamin Little's sister Anna was kidnapped right in front of him. It's six months later, and his family is in shambles. Can a hopeful little boy be heroic enough to help put the pieces back together? Can his grieving father forgive his son? And when face to face with Anna's kidnapper, can Ben use his superpowers to bring her back home? Sometimes, a boy needs to believe he can fly.
seriopress Commercial for Los Angeles screen print house.